Use data from janitorial software to ensure contract fulfillment

Ensuring Contract Fulfillment

CleanTelligent is web-based software, accessible through your Internet browser or mobile device. As your teams and customers add data through inspections, work orders, surveys and service scheduling, you can track your performance and use our reporting features to make the right decisions.

How Does CleanTelligent Simplify Janitorial Management?

We have already simplified the lives of over 35,000 cleaners around the globe. Here is how we can help your team:

Learn how CleanTelligent Software can simplify janitorial management.
During a bid presentation, use your previously logged client data to prove your dedication and attention to a consistent clean.
After winning a tough bid, start working toward winning the contract renewal. At regularly scheduled intervals, share client-specific results, showcasing your efforts.
In a status update–driven world, let our software inform clients of the work you've done, giving you more time to focus on other customer relationship-building avenues.
If you spot a trend of recurring cleaning errors, explore ways to reduce the occurrence. Over time, you will reduce the costs involved with fixing problems and improve customer retention.

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We were in competition for a contract. . . CleanTelligent helped us win this contract by not only showing how we can present the quality of work that we do, but also how it allows customers to interact with our quality control management. We won this contract because of CleanTelligent. ,,

Brendan Ryan

In our experience . . . big-name prospects make it apparent that they are not only buying into a person, but they are buying into the preparation and the follow-through that CleanTelligent Software can give us. ,,

Scott Pedersen

We are able to schedule all work projects in CleanTelligent for over 150 grocery store locations. This turned a messy job into an easy click of a button. Scheduling helps us to stay completely organized as we track our progress and improve. . . Keeping people happy has never been easier. ,,

George Brodnicki

Our new program allows us to monitor buildings, equipment, quality, people and performance, thus making it easier for us to keep our clients happy, our people accountable, and our quality where it needs to be. . . I can say without any doubt, CleanTelligent has been a big help to our company. ,,

Red Densmore

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