Depending on each team member's needs, users can access CleanTelligent Software from any internet browser or through our free mobile app.

We Multi-Task So
You Can Single-Task

CleanTelligent is a web-based software solution that is accessible from any internet connection. Using any desktop or mobile device:

  • Cleaning supervisors can directly input, start, and close the work orders their team is responsible for.
  • Inspectors can use the mobile app to create and submit reports in real-time.
  • Custodial managers can schedule and confirm recurring cleaning tasks.
  • Building patrons can send real-time cleaning status updates of your facility by scanning a QR code.

Our software analyzes and summarizes your custodial team’s performance in our ready-to-use dashboards. Now instead of chasing team members for building updates, janitorial managers can focus on making the most effective management decisions for their teams, customers, and building patrons.

Why is Cleantelligent the Best Janitorial Software?

Whether you are an in-house janitorial provider, maintenance team or a commercial cleaning
business—our software solutions help your organization:

Improve Quality Control

If your cleaning service doesn’t leave the location immaculate, you might upset a building patron. Our goal is to help teams create a process that emphasizes your cleaning standards and helps your
work shine in a positive light.

As your cleaners learn how to monitor their own performance, you will earn your customer’s and facility patron’s trust by delivering a consistent clean. Additionally, your team will spend less time correcting cleaning deficiencies—effectively decreasing your team’s labor costs.

Protect Project Margins

With 90 percent of your team’s budget tied to employee labor—your project budget can’t afford employee downtime. Our solution helps your team protect project margins by automating communication and reminding your custodial managers to confirm cleaning appointments.

Equipped with the right information, team members can make sure they have the right materials for the job. With fewer trips to the supply closet, cleaners can close more work orders during their shift making them
efficient and productive.

Showcase Your
Team's Results

Too often your janitorial team’s quality work goes unnoticed. That is until a building patron notices a cleaning deficiency. If your facility budget is set by decision-makers that share the same attitude—your team is exposed to budget cuts.

However, when you use CleanTelligent Software, you can showcase your team’s pursuit and final delivery of the value of clean. This creates an opportunity for your team to show how their efforts impact the facility’s overall health and bottom line—earning the credit they deserve.

The Janitorial Teams We Serve

Our in-house and commercial cleaning business software was designed by janitors that have been in the industry since 1974. In 2003 they built CleanTelligent in hopes of simplifying janitorial management for others. Sign up and join our growing community today!

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We were in competition for a contract. . . CleanTelligent helped us win this contract by not only showing how we can present the quality of work that we do, but also how it allows customers to interact with our quality control management. We won this contract because of CleanTelligent. ,,

Brendan Ryan

In our experience . . . big-name prospects make it apparent that they are not only buying into a person, but they are buying into the preparation and the follow-through that CleanTelligent Software can give us. ,,

Scott Pedersen

We are able to schedule all work projects in CleanTelligent for over 150 grocery store locations. This turned a messy job into an easy click of a button. Scheduling helps us to stay completely organized as we track our progress and improve. . . Keeping people happy has never been easier. ,,

George Brodnicki

Our new program allows us to monitor buildings, equipment, quality, people and performance, thus making it easier for us to keep our clients happy, our people accountable, and our quality where it needs to be. . . I can say without any doubt, CleanTelligent has been a big help to our company. ,,

Red Densmore

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