Need help communicating inspection results?

Improve client satisfaction and retention by finding and solving problems in real time.

Prove Contract Fulfillment
Encourage Employee Accountability
Increase Customer Retention
Use the CleanTelligent Mobile App to easily rate any location.

Ditch the Pen and Paper

Using a smartphone or tablet, your inspectors can easily select and rate any location they visit from the CleanTelligent Mobile App. When everything is digital, inspectors can notify managers and clients that the work is done by submitting the inspection report online. Such convenience and efficiency make it easy to prove contract fulfillment, and you can track performance trends with one click.

Improve Teamwork

If inspectors find a deficiency, they can add photos and comments to their report. Once submitted, deficiencies will be converted into work orders. Seamless communication will help your team improve their quality of service and keep each employee accountable.

Create custom inspection lists with unique grading scales with our janitorial software.

Build Customer Trust

A great way to increase your customer retention rate is to prove your attention to detail with personalized metrics for each customer. CleanTelligent gives you the freedom to create custom inspection lists with unique grading scales.

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