Looking to increase the number of travelers passing through your transportation hub?

Use CleanTelligent to manage your team’s quality control program so your team can make a good first impression.

Improve Traveler Experience
Protect Travelers’ Health
Increase Ridership

Make a Good First Impression

The cleanliness of your transportation hub is a traveler’s first impression of the surrounding area. If your area is looking to grow tourism or attract new business to the area, the first impression can have a large financial impact! Here’s how CleanTelligent Software can help your team make the right impression:

Account for
Holiday Traffic

Is your facility is expecting increased traffic for a holiday or special event? The earlier your team knows how many travelers to expect, the sooner you can adjust your facility’s cleaning frequencies. Our job scheduling solution makes it easy to adjust your cleaning frequencies so that your team can plan and prepare for the additional workload.

Be an
Everyday Superhero

Imagine this scenario':' At 1:00 a.m., a traveler enters an airport restroom stall and finds no toilet paper. After seeing a QR code on the stall wall, he pulls out his phone, scans the code and submits a survey request. Within minutes, a custodian comes to the rescue with a spare toilet paper roll. The custodian is a superhero!

Measure and
Track Success

Using our customizable work order and inspection solutions, your team can easily communicate their progress on specific tasks. As your team collects data, our reporting and Business Intelligence solutions will summarize their progress in ready-to-use dashboards. At a glance, your team will be able to make decisions to help keep your facility sparkling clean!

Improve Your
Competitive Advantage

As your cleaning quality control program becomes stronger, travelers moving through your facility will feel safer and more cared for. This means that when they travel, they will choose your transportation hub. As your facility’s traffic steadily increases, so will your revenue.

Increase Traffic and Loyalty

Discover how CleanTelligent Software can help your janitorial staff improve each traveler's experience.