Manage Service Requests With Janitorial Work Order Software

If your janitorial management service’s work order management system is sprinkled through your email, various sticky notes, and random text messages—you are working too hard. Instead, use our software to collect and store every work order request. Now your team can easily deliver and prove contract fulfillment, increase team efficiency, and protect project margins.
When you can access every work order from a mobile app, you can manage your team's work order program from anywhere in the world.

CleanTelligent’s Work Order Management Software Lets Your Team Simplify Facility Management by Giving You the Power To:

Automatically Generate Tickets from Other Modules

Manage All Work Orders From a Single Digital Inbox

Easily Track Communication on Every Janitorial Service Request

Let Clients Submit and Receive Updates on Maintenance Requests

Add Due Dates, Priority Levels, and Pictures to Any Task

Establish a Trackable
Cleaning History

Streamline Communication

Your maintenance department’s success depends on your team’s ability to listen and act on feedback. The first step is figuring out how to efficiently gather observations from quality assurance staff, managers, and building patrons. Next, you must transform the information into actionable tasks and share them with your frontline staff.

To simplify this process, our software automatically generates work orders from:

As your maintenance team’s work order requests funnel to a central location, you no longer have to play middle man. Now you can focus on creating a culture of quality control and improving your team’s efficiency.

Rest assured that as you enter data into our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS software) we will make sure your team has the information when they need it.
Use our work order management system to record and review your team's progress against each requested service.

Record and Review Your Team’s Progress

If the work order process ran smoothly, from request to completion, management would be straightforward. In reality, when your janitorial management service team arrives on-site, sometimes they meet challenges that can’t be instantly overcome. When this happens, teams need a way to document the obstacle before moving onto the next task.

CleanTelligent’s mobile app makes it easy for frontline staff to communicate what is happening on-site in real-time. From the office, managers can use the digital work orders inbox to review what happened. Custodial teams can use the information to develop a set of best practices to remain accountable and productive.

Manage Expectations with Janitorial Software

In a service-oriented industry, customers and internal stakeholders expect regular project communication. Unfortunately, between managing service requests and information updates-your time is already monopolized. When you know the stakes of mishandling either, it is time to call in reinforcements.

With our work order management software, clients and stakeholders can request services through the app or portal with their own client login. CleanTelligent will even email the person, letting them know that the task is completed. Armed with a seamless way to prove contract fulfillment you have more time to focus on other customer relationship-building avenues.

Our work order management software will handle regular project communication, which frees up your time to focus on other customer relationship-building avenues—like face-to-face meetings.
Set due dates, priority levels, descriptions, and add pictures of any cleaning or repair to every work order.

Prioritize Your Team’s Workload

If your maintenance team is going to efficiently prioritize and complete any service request, you must collect the right information. With our janitorial work order software teams and customers can add priority levels, due dates, and pictures to any task from any mobile device.

The additional details will help your team understand the request, it’s severity and urgency. These details ensure that you are sending staff with the right experience and tools to tackle the job. By streamlining your asset management system you will notice a cost savings in your project’s margins.

Improve Your Janitorial Management Service

Once your work order process is running digitally, you have the power to review your team's performance—with one click. The best news, as you simplify your workflow, our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS software) will crunch all the numbers.

From our Reporting and Business Intelligence dashboards you can quickly see:

  • Your Team’s Average Response Time
  • Your Staff’s Average Completion Time
  • The Percentage of Open vs. Closed Work Orders
  • The Number of Service Requests by Month
  • How the Majority of Your Tickets Were Entered Into the System

The additional insights will help in-house service providers and cleaning companies work smarter.

As work orders are created and closed, CleanTelligent Software will calculate your overall performance and your performance by location.

A Work Order System that Works for You

Discover how our work order system works automatically for you to bring more confidence to you and your clients that the job is getting done. Get started with CleanTelligent Software today.