Deliver a Reliable Clean With Janitorial Inspection Software

Cleaning inspections are important to your quality control program because they emphasize your team’s cleaning standards. Our building management software makes it easy to document your team’s cleaning history and hold employees accountable for their work. You can also share this information with customers and building patrons in order to prove contract
fulfillment and build trust.
Our building management software gives your team the power to customize every inspection point and grading scale, giving you complete control over your team's cleaning standards.

CleanTelligent’s Inspection Software Helps You Communicate Inspection Results by Giving Your Team the Ability To:

Create Customizable Inspections

Add Photos and Notes to Any Rated
Task in Real-Time

Automatically Create Work Orders
from Deficient Scores

Fill Out and Submit
Inspection Reports Offline

Establish a Trackable
Cleaning History

Co-Sign The Inspection Form
With Your Customer

Our software can accommodate any rating scale your team wants to use. Options include but are not limited to a pass/fail rating, a scale 1-10, or even the APPA scale.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

An effective quality control program must account for each facility’s unique needs. After all, each building has a different floor plan, varying levels of foot traffic, and surfaces. This is why you cannot simply re-use the same commercial cleaning checklist for every school, hospital, or office you clean.

Our maintenance software gives you the freedom to create custom inspection lists with unique grading scales. Now you have the power to identify and account for each facility’s unique sanitation needs. As you use this criterion to evaluate each cleaning, you show building patrons that you care about their health.

Ditch Paper Inspections

Although pen and paper offer easy customizability during the creation, their usability is quite limited. For example, if an inspector forgets their inspection sheets back at the office, they must either:

  • Perform the inspection by memory.
  • Return to the office to pick up the form.
  • Call the office and transcribe the list.

However, if your maintenance managers had the CleanTelligent mobile app, they could simply log in to our service from a mobile device. The added flexibility gives your inspectors the support they need to fill out and submit their reports on-time.

Although paper inspections are easy to customize, their usability is quite limited.
When you use janitorial inspection software, you can mark the touchpoint as deficient, and then add images and notes. CleanTelligent software will then convert the information into a work order.

Quickly Resolve Cleaning Deficiencies

During an inspection, you may notice that the team didn’t sweep or mop to the edges of the room. If you simply mark the task as deficient, the team may not understand what corrective action needs to be taken. This is why CleanTelligent Software allows users to take pictures of the problem and add clarifying notes to any inspection point.

When you submit your report, our janitorial inspection software will convert each deficient task into a separate work order. When the team opens the ticket, they will see where the issue is and what needs to be corrected. This seamless communication will help your team efficiently resolve cleaning errors.

Investigate the Cause of Cleaning Service Trends

In addition to identifying and fixing one-off cleaning errors, your team needs to identify long term cleaning trends. As you complete your commercial cleaning inspection checklist, CleanTelligent will compile all of the analytic data in Reports and Business Intelligence.

As you continue your on-site walkthroughs, watch for indicators that will help you determine the cause of the deficiency. Potential causes could be:

  • An increase in building patron traffic.
  • The cleaning and disinfecting process.
  • An employee training or performance issue.

The additional insights will help your team figure out and implement a solution that works.

As your team submits inspection reports, our software will automatically track and graph your results. This makes it easy to catch long-term cleaning trends.
If your team needs a way to teach your customers and building patrons your cleaning standards and processes, invite them to join you on a walkthrough. Once you have completed your report together you may both digitally sign it.

Use Building Management Software to Increase Trust

In building maintenance and cleaning, your team’s service is only as good as your customers and building patrons perceive. If your customer wants to learn more about your cleaning standards, invite them to join you on an inspection walkthrough.

Once you have completed the report, our solution allows both your inspector and your customer to sign it. Or, if the customer would rather view the inspection report upon completion, you can set up CleanTelligent Software to simply email them the results. Your customers will appreciate and trust your team’s transparency.

Customizable Inspections that Fit Every Need

Discover how you can improve communication, prove contract fulfillment, and simplify your quality control processes with CleanTelligent Software. Get started today.