Enhance Cleanings with Mobile Customer Satisfaction Surveys

When 64 percent of consumers choose to do business with companies that maintain their restrooms—cleanliness matters. Our anonymous cleaning satisfaction surveys make it possible for you to tailor your cleaning services to a location’s unique needs. As the facility’s customer experience improves, you will be able to protect and increase your team’s project budget.
As you build your customer satisfaction surveys with our software, you can include a variety of answer options to multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, and rating scale questions.

CleanTelligent’s Mobile Customer Satisfaction Surveys Helps You Earn Each Building Patron’s Trust by Giving You the Capability To:

Create Surveys That Are Tied to Specific Service Locations

Print and Post a Unique QR Code for Each Questionnaire

Guests Scan the QR Code to Access and Submit the Online Survey

Customer Responses can Automatically Generate Work Orders

Establish a History of Excellent Customer Service

Directly Email Satisfaction Surveys to Your Customers

Direct Communication

Building patrons don’t report sanitation issues because they are either embarrassed or can’t find the right person to tell. Unfortunately, their inaction leaves the mess to fester which affects more facility patrons.

Our software gives you the power to create anonymous surveys for every location you serve. Survey question examples include:

  • What kind of service is needed?
  • What supplies need to be restocked?
  • Please provide additional feedback.

As guests submit their answers to each rating scale question or open-ended question, you can use their feedback to make improvements.

It is hard to collect feedback if a building patron is embarrassed by the mess they either found or made in the restroom. When you use our mobile cleaning satisfaction surveys, all responses are collected anonymously.

Evaluate Cleaning Frequencies with Mobile Surveys

If your team is going to stay on budget and satisfy your customers and building patrons, you must correctly anticipate the facility's foot-traffic. Use our mobile customer satisfaction surveys to:

Post QR codes in the areas you serve. Building patrons can then scan it with their mobile device and talk directly with your team.

Get Real-Time Cleaning Statuses

Once the cleaning satisfaction survey form is created, you can easily generate, print, and post the QR code anywhere. Any guests using the space can scan, fill out, and submit a response anonymously. CleanTelligent will instantly convert the response into a work order. Your team will be able to address and resolve the problem with speed.

As your team collects surveys, you will be able to identify recurring problems at each service location. As you track the trends, you will be able to create an action plan that will effectively solve each issue.

Improve Service Delivery

As you adjust your service, you can easily update the types of questions and answer options in each location’s customer satisfaction survey template to learn more—without changing the QR code. The volume, timing, and information within the responses will help your team create and implement an action plan.

Use the data to identify growth opportunities for your cleaning budget and successfully communicate possible results to non-cleaners.

Use Data to Increase Your Project Budget

As you cross-compare the survey data with your inspection results, you can figure out if your cleaning frequencies are keeping up with the facility’s usage. If the data shows an increase in foot-traffic, show your customer or stakeholder. Explain how increasing your cleaning frequency and budget will positively affect their product or service sales—it’s a win-win.

Use direct customer surveys to start a dialog between your team and specific clients or stakeholders.

Build Trust

It is hard to schedule face-to-face meetings with customers and stakeholders because they prefer to receive an email. Unfortunately, when they finally reply, they only send you a sentence or two. At that rate, it is extremely hard to build a rapport or tell what type of customer they are.

With CleanTelligent Software, you can create and email cleaning satisfaction surveys directly to your customers or internal stakeholders. As they answer the various types of survey questions, they explain what they like and dislike about your services. With practice, you can use this information to create other repeat customers.

Customizable Surveys that Help You Stand Out

Discover how our mobile surveys will help you stand out above your competition. Get started with CleanTelligent Software today.