Get one-on-one assistance at your location

We are excited to offer on-site training services for our cleaning business software customers. We want to go the extra mile, beyond the phone calls and emails, and physically be there to fulfill the needs of your cleaning business.

Why you should consider it:

  • Get your cleaning business running more efficiently with our software
  • Have all of your cleaning employees trained on CleanTelligent at the same time
  • Solve any problems or issues with an expert in a hands-on environment
  • Learn additional tips and strategies not offered in standard training sessions

What will happen during the visit?

If you request on-site training, we will send two of our Support Specialists to your location. They will spend two eight-hour days with you, answering questions and providing professional guidance.

The first day will be spent training your staff on how to use CleanTelligent more effectively. On the second day, our Support Specialists will shadow you out in the field.

Is this only offered to customers in the United States?

We want to get to know you personally and talk with you in the same room about your cleaning business goals. We are willing to travel to wherever you are located.

If you are interested, reach out to the CleanTelligent Support Team today!